The most durable turf.

During the last decade, there has been a boom of synthetic turf fields on reduced surfaces. Cities around the world are populated with synthetic soccer fields where amateurs can practice their favorite sport in the heart of the cities. The measures of the courts are adapted to the available spaces. Roof-Tops, warehouses and parking lots are turning into courts without official measures playing 10, 12 and 14 people at a time for many hours a day.


The big difference between this new discipline called Soccer 5, football fast or indoor soccer and professional football (soccer 11), is that the movements are very abrupt.  That’s why many of the synthetic turf companies are not able to comply with the guarantees offered to their customers because the deterioration of the field is much faster than in the ones with official dimensions. To set an example, in an official field 22 people play in 7000 m2 and in an Indoor soccer field or “Soccer 5 field” 10 people play in 500 m2. If we take into additional consideration the fact that the movements are much more abrupt in Indoor football, it is normal for the deterioration of the surface to accelerate.


And the initial error is that everything is called Soccer; but Soccer 11 and Soccer 5 are two completely different disciplines. In fact, many of the factories and their distributors were not prepared to produce and design specific products for this new soccer discipline.


Eurograss is a company specialized in fast soccer. For more than a decade, Eurograss has been in contact with the R&D Departments of various factories worldwide which have invested many resources in developing products that solve the existing problems, fields that cannot withstand without deteriorating after 2 years of use.


Aside from a poor quality installation, the two most recurrent problems in the mini-soccer fields are the loss of fiber (grass hairs) and the deterioration of the fiber. Each fiber has a thickness, and this can be measured in microns. If the hair is thin, the intense use causes its deterioration until disintegrating it. On the other hand, if the hair is not well sewn to the backing of the carpet, it detaches and begins to lose hair.


In the past, a thicker hair was very hard and therefore caused burns when players fell or slipped on the court.

We've been looking for something that we thought was impossible to achieve. But science has come a long way in the artificial turf industry and we finally got where we wanted.

Affirmed Luis del Río, General Manager of Eurograss.

The idea was to develop a thick and soft fiber at the same time to make it durable and optimal for the mini-soccer game.

Insisted Mr. Del Río.

That's why we're excited to present our new model of turf UN-BREAKABLE, soft and with 400-micron thickness. Well above what’s currently offered in the market, with a quality that will prolong its use for years without hardly deteriorating.

Concluded Mr. Del Río with enthusiasm.

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